Streamline your healthcare facility with ease.

Our Hospital and Clinic Management System software provides complete control over your clinic, operations, management, inventory, and staff. Plus, our 30-day refund policy ensures your satisfaction.
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Hospital / Clinic Information Management System

Best Software for Hospitals and Clinics

Say goodbye to the headaches of managing your facility and hello to a streamlined approach with our Hospital and Clinic Management System software. From staff management to inventory control, we’ve got you covered. Plus, with our 30 day 100% refund policy, you can try it risk-free.
It is best suited for:
  • For Clinics
  • For Hospitals
  • For Medical Centers
  • For Clinic Chains

Some of the Features

Reception Management

Dashboard for managing reception
Manage appointments with ease
Keep a record of the schedule
Manage appointments for multiple doctors easily

Patient Management

Easily manage your patient records
Appointments History
Medical History, Case History, Prescription History
Easy Prescription System

Doctor Management

Can manage/ see appointments for the day and future appointments
Add a patient record with ease, see history, previous visits, etc.
Easy prescription system
Add tests and diagnose easily

Pharmacy Management

Doctor prescription direct to inhouse pharmacy
Easily manage medical stock
Easily add new medical supplies

Lab Management

Easy in-house lab management
Direct from doctor to lab
Medical History, Case History, Diagnose
Lab record management

Financial Activities

Invoice generation
Expense Management and Invoice management
Easy report generation

And Much More

Bed Management
Department Management
Human Resources and Staff Management
Attendance Management *
SMS Gateway*
Payment Gateway*
Mobile Application*
Online Consultation*
And much more

* are additional modules and can be charged etc and is offered on need base only

This is the best investment that you will make for managing your clinic/ hospital. This cloud system will streamline your clinic operation and will let you concentrate on your patients.

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*All our plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee

Take your healthcare facility to the next level with our Hospital and Clinic Management System. Say goodbye to manual processes and hello to streamlined management.

Our Clinic/Hospital Information Management System (HIMS) software is designed to help you manage your clinic or hospital more effectively and efficiently. It provides a single platform from which you can access all the information you need, including patient history, appointment schedules, test results, and more. This helps to streamline your operations and improve patient care.

So if you’re looking for a Clinic/Hospital Information Management System (HIMS) software that can help you deliver superior healthcare delivery, then look no further than us.

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